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lux_fanfic's Journal

fanfiction for the CW show Life Unexpected
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This is a community for fans of the TV show Life Unexpected to post fanfiction they've written.

~ all fanfiction must be posted under an lj-cut or linked back to where it can be read. This is both to save people's friends lists and to avoid unnecessary problems between members. And all fanfiction must be for Life Unexpected, crossovers are cool but tell people. Same goes for original characters.

~ stories should have a basic header, including spoilers, warnings and ratings. As to what should be a spoiler/warning, just use common sense. If you have to think twice about if there should be some kind of warning, chances are the answer's yes. If we read something and think a warning is required, we'll let you know.

~ all ratings are allowed, but to avoid confusion movie ratings are suggested (G - NC-17). All NC-17 stories should have a warning about why it's earned that rating. If you post something that is PG, but someone thinks should have a higher rating, we're all just gonna live with it. The only exception is if you put something graphic (IE: sex, language, violence, etc) in a G/PG story, then we might ask you to up the rating. Remember, there's a chance some younger people will read your story. Again, just use common sense when you're rating your writing.

~ spam/advertising is not allowed if you want to affiliate, comment on the first post (the introduction post) in the community. This is a place for fanfiction and only fanfiction. On occasion, there may be a mod note if something's happening we feel we need to make a point of.

~ be civilized. If you don't like a pairing or just plain hate the story, just press the back button on your browser. If you have to criticize someone, be constructive about it. Flaming will not be tolerated. We're not gonna kick anyone out, but you might be told to STFU.

~ entries should be tagged with characters and pairings used in the fanfic. If a certain tag doesn't exist, leave a little note on the post and we'll add it for you.


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